Content Policy

Rules (Condensed) #


Before you start participating, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rules:

  • 🔞 Age Requirement: All users and lurkers MUST be age 18 or over.

    • Posting content involving any person who is under 18 is strictly forbidden. This includes real, drawn, and fictional content.
    • All loli/shota/cub or similar content is strictly forbidden.
  • Respect and Consent: Treat all members with respect and obtain consent when sharing explicit content involving others. No doxxing. No soliciting or sharing personal info. No homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, or kinkshaming. Don’t be an asshole.

  • No NSFL/Gore/Snuff Content: We strictly forbid the sharing or promotion of NSFL (Not Safe For Life) or gore content. This includes fictional snuff scenarios.

  • No Bestiality/Zoophilia: We strictly forbid any NSFW content involving animals.

  • No Non-Consensual Content: We strictly forbid content made or released without consent of everyone in the content, including revenge porn / deepfakes / leaked content / NC / true voyeur / rape content.

  • No Illegal Content: - We strictly forbid promotion and detailed discussion of things that are broadly illegal in most of the world, like murder, animal cruelty, money laundering, and so on. Our policy on mind-altering substances is more complicated – see the FAQ (its in the table of contents to the right).

    • Solicitation of sexual services (either way, asking or offering) is strictly forbidden. (why?)
  • NSFW Flag: All NSFW communities and posts must be flagged as NSFW.

  • No Rules Lawyering: Admin decisions are final and arguing with them can result in a suspension or banning of your account and removal of your content. (if you feel a community is not being sufficiently moderated or properly following these guidelines, please contact an admin.)

If any material is ambiguous or borderline forbidden content, we’re usually going to err on the side of caution. Please use your common sense.

This is a condensed form of our rules. If you want to read further discussion into the rules above, our reasonings behind our decisions, general knowledge about the instance and things generally our team would like you to know please click here to visit our docs page.

All users and communities must follow and respect these general instance-wide rules. Any violations could result in suspension or banning of your account or community and purging of your content.

Community Guidelines #

  • Stay Relevant: Share relevant content in the relevant communities and ensure your content complies with the rules of those communities.
  • Self-Promotion: Self-Promotion is only okay as long as the community you are posting in allows it, and you don’t spam it.
  • Content Sourcing - We would strongly prefer all content be credited and sourced if possible, to make it easier to keep CSAM and noncon off of the instance. See the FAQ for more info.
  • Furry Content - Furry content is allowed (unless it conflicts with any other rules) but furries may be better served at or

Temporary Rules #

Because of technical limitations of the Lemmy platform, we are forced to implement some restrictions on content. These are restrictions that don’t necessarily fit with our larger philosophy. We hope to revise this section once Lemmy evolves as a platform and moderation tools improve.

  • NSFW User Avatar: NSFW user avatars are prohibited as it is currently not possible to mark users as NSFW.
  • Temporary Content Restrictions: The following content is temporarily restricted: Hot lunch (🤮), blood, scat, CNC.

If you are the admin of another instance and you have any issues with Lemmy NSFW please raise it with one of our admins so we can communicate on how we can improve this instance. We would prefer to work with you before either of us consider defederation.